Make Your Bed Look Like a Luxurious Hotel Bed

Laura Outland of the Lawson Dream Team prepares for a photo shoot

Welcome to our first ever blog post! We’re so excited to share with you new design ideas, tips, and experiences.

We decided to start our blog by answering a question we get asked frequently: how to make your bed look like a luxurious hotel bed? There are different ways to achieve this luxurious hotel bedding look, but we’ve narrowed them down to these few tips:

1. Linens

Luxurious linens for this award-winning bedroom

The quality of your linens will play a large part not only on how it looks but also on how comfortable it feels. This is an area where it’s wise to invest on higher quality linens. After all, you spend a third of your life in them.


2. “The Fold”

Bold patterned linens

This is a super easy step that makes a difference on the look of your bedding. Once you’ve made your bed, fold the top edge of the comforter about 1/3 way towards the bottom edge of the bed. Then, fold the flat sheet the same way. If the flat sheet passes the comforter, tuck it under the comforter. This is what we like to call “the fold”.


3. Pillow Layering

This is an area where we find a lot of our clients need help: layering the pillows. Here’s how. Take your everyday pillows—the pillows you sleep on—and lay them flat. Then, place your decorative shams in front of your everyday pillows standing up at an angle. This will add depth to your bedding. Last, take your accent pillows and place them in front of your shams. Here’s where you can incorporate your style by playing around with the placement (we recommend a symmetrical placement to maintain balance). It’s totally okay if the accent pillows sit over the fold of the comforter.

Try these simple steps today to achieve a luxurious bedding look.

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