Making the Best Out of Your Basement

Think of your basement. Is it one of those catch-all spaces where you store seasonal items? Or maybe it’s a space where you throw your old college furniture with hopes that one day you’ll turn into a entertainment area? The truth is that basements are often the most ignored spaces in our homes, and with good reason. They can be the most overwhelming to decorate! In this blog we’ll share a few tips that will help you convert that dark and unused basement into a space that you’re proud to have in your home.

Giving your basement a purpose

What do you envision doing there? Perhaps entertaining guests, hosting a wine tasting party, or having your friends over to watch the game. Basements are often large open spaces where you can host many guests at once, so this gives you more flexibility to assign it a purpose, or purposes. If your basement is large you can divide it in different entertaining areas such as the conversation area, the bar area, the game area, etc. Once you have defined the purpose of each area, then you can think of what each space needs. For example, the conversation area may need a cocktail table or martini tables so guests can set their drinks while they chat. When you think of your basement as different spaces it’s much easier to tackle.


Lighting is Key

Basements can be dark and lack natural light. But don’t let this deter you from transforming this space into a dazzling place. You can use other sources of light such as lamps or wall and ceiling lights. These can give your basement ambient lighting turning it into a moody and sophisticated space.


Bars and Game Areas

Some basements are just made for these: drinks and fun. But just because you want to have a nice time doesn’t mean you have to go casual or keep your old furniture. You can add accent pieces to these areas, like unique barstools for your bar, or club chairs for your poker table that reflect your style. What if you don’t have a bar/wet bar? Invest in a bar cabinet that will impress everyone and let that be the focal point of the space.

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