How to have the Best Outdoor Dining Experiences

When we think of our favorite parties, it isn’t always the food or the drinks that makes it a fond memory, but the mood and the atmosphere. Here are a few tips on how to make your next outdoor event a memorable one.

Table Setting is the Key

Invest in a classic linen or table runner and napkins so that you can always set an elegant table, even at the last minute.


Keeping It Fresh

Fresh flowers and candlelight make any occasion feel even more special. Keep it simple and use a variety of florals. If you can’t find fresh flowers that you love, use herbs, fresh fruits, or vegetables to create an organic runner instead.



Creating Seating Areas

Arrange your outdoor furniture to create conversation areas. Having a few of these areas allows for mingling and creates a cozier and inviting atmosphere. Also, using variety of table top heights will create visual interest in your patio or deck.




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