Luxurious Bathroom Suite

1st Place Winner Bathrooms

Location: Clarksville, MD

Designer Credits: Lynne Lawson

Project Overview:

This bathroom suite was remodeled to flow with a new closet. A frameless shower and freestanding tub were added to open up space. A “marble” porcelain tile paired with faceted mink colored glass accent tile, adds sleek appeal. A large vanity in rustic coffee, white porcelain, and bright gold is the room’s focal point. Stunning gold leaf chandelier, art déco sconces, and a gold mirror create mood and light.



Luxurious Bathroom Suite

Our client’s husband is a very successful business owner. Because of his job, and the fact that he loves clothes, he owns more suits and black shoes than the President!  His closet in their very large home was not big enough to house his mammoth wardrobe.  So, his wife, our client, transformed a large second master suite, creating an enormous closet, allowing for a smaller sitting room and bedroom, and making over and expanding the dated bathroom.

Working with a builder, we enlarged and remodeled the bathroom to include a water closet, a freestanding bathtub, and a large frameless shower, and storage.  We chose a rich marble-mimicking rectangular porcelain tile, with veins of grey, taupe and gold, and the tile goes to the ceiling on the shower walls.  Rich grey walls are a favorite of our client.  A small, clean white freestanding tub fits the existing window alcove, saving tens of thousands of dollars in restructuring existing exterior walls.  The large vanity is the diva in the room, with its rustic coffee finish, solid white top to flow with the tub, eye catching trough sink, angular gold metal base and sleek bright gold pulls.  To complement the “marble” tile, we chose a deep mink toned faceted glass accent tile for the shower niche and the waterfall behind the shower fixtures.  Rich golden shower fixtures and twin tall gold vanity faucets add elegance.  A sexy chandelier with hundreds of gold leaf finished leaves, paired with a set of trim art deco inspired gold leaf wall sconces add mood and light.  A pair of soaring gold framed mirrors, perfectly sized, add dimension and glam.