Gold Leaf Bar Basement

Location: Clarksville, MD

Designer Credits: Lynne Lawson and Laura Outland

Project Overview:

Our client had to commute to his basement home office past a dreary, unusable space. We transformed this space by adding sparkling crystal wallpaper tiles to a bulkhead wall, a huge Asian motif gold leaf bar cabinet, twin low back blue and white patterned chairs, and bright gold end tables. A huge acrylic and gold coffee table sits atop the navy, gray and white classic area rug. A stunning chandelier of white and goldleaf petals and grey, gold and white artwork brighten the space.

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Gold Leaf Bar Basement

Our clients had an awkward but important space in the basement.  They are successful business owners, and the husband’s home office was tucked away in a dark corner of the basement.  Everyday, he would pass through this uninspiring and dreary space, multiple times. We couldn’t wait to help transform their basement into a luxurious seating area.

We chose a sparkling navy and silver grey color scheme, with gold accents, to blend the classic navy sofas with the gray items used throughout the other basement rooms.  One wall had an inconvenient bulkhead, so we decided to play up the bulkhead, and make it a focal point wall, by adding lustrous dark grey heavily textured mineral wallpaper tiles from ceiling to floor, wrapping the bulkhead.  The nanosecond our client spied the wallpaper sample on our presentation board, she knew she had to have it.  For that diva wall, we selected a large gold leaf, asian motif wine cabinet with a black nickel metal frame.  We rounded  out this conversation area with additional low backed, pale grey, white and blue patterned chairs, and an enormous acrylic and gold coffee table. A grey, cream and navy traditional rug anchors the whole space, adding subtle pattern.  A large white and gold leaf petal chandelier brightens the space, along with gold end tables and gold leaf sconces flanking the wine cabinet. Gold, white and grey abstract artwork add a fun flare.  Our deserving, hardworking business and home owner, now looks forward to the “commute” into his office, often getting waylaid into lingering in our luxury lounge enroute to his office.