Gender Neutral Nursery

Dream Room Winner 1st Place

1st Place Winner, 2020
Children’s Room

Location: Fulton, MD

Designer Credits: Laura Outland and Lynne Lawson

Project Overview:

This gender-neutral nursery is both whimsical and sophisticated with its monochromatic color scheme and its mid-century modern flair. The soft cloud pattern wallpaper adds texture while white pom-pom window treatments soften the space and a bold pattern black and white area rug, multimedia dresser and mirror create contrast and interest.

Gender Neutral Nursery

Design Challenges

All babies are precious gifts and this first baby was also a first grandchild so would hold a special place in everyone’s hearts. Our client was expecting at the time she hired us to design her new nursery. The couple wouldn’t know the baby’s gender until it was born, so our task was to create a gender-neutral nursery. She also wanted the nursery to be a whimsical but sophisticated space, where the parents can enjoy spending time there with their baby without feeling like they’re “in a daycare”. The space is only 100 sq. ft. and our client needed a crib, storage, and a rocking chair for the nursery. We had to strategically place the furniture to maximize functionality and meet our client’s needs.

Our Response

To create this gender-neutral nursery, we decided to go for a monochromatic color scheme using white, grey, and black. We chose a soft cloud pattern wallpaper on an accent wall to bring a whimsical factor in the room. White pom-pom window treatments soften the space, while a bold pattern black and white area rug adds some contrast and interest. We chose a modern industrial chandelier that mimicked a mobile to bring sophistication to the space. We added a rocking chair and a two-tone dresser with a smokey gray round mirror on the other side of the room for storage and seating. Baby animals in the artwork greet new baby Caleb each day.