Bright Mid-Century Modern Morning Room

Dream Room Winner 1st Place

3rd Place Winner
Dining Spaces

Location: Fulton, MD

Designer Credits: Lynne Lawson and Laura Outland

Project Overview:

This mid-century modern dining room is given a twist with a bold and colorful wallpaper and a round concrete top dining table. Suspended above the table is a sophisticated smoked glass globe chandelier that brings ambience to the space. Deep teal velvet dining chairs add color, and sleek server provides storage and space for entertaining.

Bright Mid-Century Modern Morning Room

Our cost-conscious client had been an online furniture website shopper, but after working with us previously on her basement lounge, she fell in love with our business model, products/services and team, and asked us to design and furnish this dining room space.

Design Project Challenges

This dining room felt sad, basic and outdated as our Millennial clients were using an inherited dining room set from grandparents. Located right off of the entrance of the home, the dining room was the first space guests saw as they entered the home. Our challenge was to make it look finished, inviting, and functional. It had to be kid-friendly, while looking like a space to entertain and host adults. Seating for 5-6 was required, and we needed storage for their china and flatware.

Modern Solutions

To immediately capture attention as people walked in through the front door, we wanted to create an eye-catching focal point. We selected a bold pattern wallpaper with a mid-century modern edge for an accent wall. A smoked glass globe chandelier adds sophistication, while a round concrete top dining table with a carved wood base brings a rustic element to the space. Deep teal velvet chairs and a server with chrome legs add to the mid-century modern appeal. Opposite of the server, we created a picture wall using our client’s family pictures, reflected in the huge round mirror, to warm up the dining room and make it more personal.

After Decorating Den 2020 Dream Room Entry #0521: Winning mid-century dining room