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House Beautiful magazine6 Reasons Hiring an Interior
Designer Makes Your Life So
Much Easier

For starters, it’ll save you in the long run.

By Shoko Wanger
Mar 15, 2020

Hiring an interior designer gives you the opportunity for a room like this

For those in the beginning stages of a home renovation, the reasons not to enlist the help of an interior designer can be many. For some, the added cost may seem burdensome or unnecessary; others may worry that hiring a professional will mean handing over creative control of a space that’s near and dear to their heart.

But the truth is, while reinventing your space can appear deceptively simple thanks to home makeover shows and Instagram transformations, even the smallest project (like a powder room) requires careful thought, meticulous planning, and a degree of know-how that extends beyond the ability to choose the right lighting or a pretty paint color. In fact, investing in outside expertise can actually save homeowners money on their renovations—not to mention stress, time, and a host of logistical headaches.

“Working with a designer means gaining a teammate—one that’ll help you push the envelope a little bit, avoid expensive mistakes, and get the high-impact result you want,” says Lynne Lawson, an interior designer who owns the Lawson Dream Team, an individually owned and operated interior design franchise throughout the U.S. and Canada. Here, Lawson sums up six reasons a designer’s guidance can make all the difference.

It keeps costs under control

Lawson insists that hiring a designer is, in the end, a budget-friendly decision. “It’s our responsibility to make sure you’re getting the biggest creative bang for your buck,” she says. “Designers are trained on how to approach a project efficiently and cost-effectively, and how to understand what’s needed in each type of space.”

She adds that designers know how to source high-quality pieces that will mesh with a client’s style and won’t need to be replaced in a year or two. “That’s what really ends up saving money in the long run.”

hiring an interior designer is a budget-friendly decision

“It’s our responsibility to make sure you’re getting the biggest creative bang for your buck,” Lawson says.

It streamlines the design process.

The planning stages of a renovation can be enough to make a homeowner’s head spin: Will you need permits to knock down walls? Will removing upstairs flooring affect the downstairs ceiling? When’s the right time to pick out paint, flooring, or light fixtures? “A renovation is a very intricate undertaking, and not all of it is intuitive or obvious,” says Lawson. Knowing how to organize and properly sequence the steps of a project is key, she adds, and an important part of what designers do. Someone who does it every day is going to be able to get their arms around a complex project more easily than someone who does it once in a lifetime.”

A designer’s access is unparalleled.

In the world of interior design, Lawson says, it pays to be an insider. “Many of the unique products and materials we include in our designs are only available to the trade,” she explains. Experienced designers, she says, have access to a network of trusted contractors and subcontractors—everyone from window treatment installers, speciality electricians, custom rug manufacturers, and more.

hiring an interior designer gives access to many to-the-trade furnishings

In the interior design world, it pays to be an insider—Lawson points out that a designer’s access is unparalleled.

You’ll take more risks (in all the right ways).

Looking to make a statement, but feeling unsure of where to start? A designer can help guarantee maximum impact with minimal chance of regret, as well as open a client’s eyes to transformative possibilities they’d never considered before. “We like to ask people to take small leaps of faith with us,” Lawson says. “They can trust us to achieve a wow-factor without making costly mistakes.”

Someone else will sweat the small stuff.

It’s one thing to peruse flooring samples and shop for new furniture. It’s another to actually place the orders, time the deliveries, and oversee installation. “With Decorating Den, that’s all part of what we offer,” Lawson says. “Not only do we do the designing, we take care of the ordering, and we manage tracking, deliveries, and installations. We can handle all of this while our clients are away or at work.”

hiring an interior designer will give you the courage to try something fresh and new

“Working with a designer means gaining a teammate,” says Lawson.

You’ll get the result that’s right for your space.

Not everything that works for one home will work for another. A designer can help pinpoint exactly which shade of paint will work best with the amount light a room receives, or which custom sofa, rug, or window treatment you’ll need to order for a uniquely-proportioned space.

“Many clients, prior to working with a designer, have purchased items on their own that aren’t right for their home, or just don’t fit,” Lawson cautions. “Working with a designer can make these sorts of high-impact decisions less daunting.”

Published in House Beautiful. March 15, 2020
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