Warm and Cozy Family Room

Our client, a single gentleman, bought a large villa corner home with a small family room.

Location: Ellicott City, MD

Designer Credits: Lynne Lawson, Laura Outland

Project Overview:

Our client’s family room off the kitchen is smaller than the actual kitchen, and he was very unhappy with the previous designer’s choices and the lack of comfort. Our new leather sofa, with motorized recliners at each end, gave comfort and style he’d missed. Replacing two dark chairs with a single sleek pale gold chair in the bay really opened up the space and gave way to the view. Tall gold/cream paisley panels on dark 2″ wood rods highlights the 10 foot room height. Neutral rug, subtle fireplace wallpaper, mink ottomans and golden lamps add gleam and client glee.

Warm and Cozy Family Room

Design Challenges

Our client, a single gentleman, who owns a moving company, bought a large villa corner home. Beautifully architected, but a bit challenging to furnish, was this small family room, off of his kitchen. The room is so small with so many windows that it has the feel of a small sunroom. Our client had worked with another designer, from a furniture store, who had designed and furnished the room as it was when we saw it. The black valances, made our of stiff upholstery fabric, cruelly cut the lovely height of the room. Our client hated the sinking sofa and wasn’t comfortable when he tried to stretch out on it. Two dark red ornate chairs overwhelmed the bay window space, and cut off the view. We are not sure where the area rug came from. Our client’s German shepherd puppy had shredded the ottoman to bits. An accent table was strewn with a red paisley table cloth. The room had so much promise, but was woefully decorated. Our client knew he didn’t like the room, but didn’t know why.

Design Solutions

Though the furniture arrangement could not change significantly, we created a room layout/floor plan to show how a slight re-arrangement of new items could brighten and upgrade the room. Our client had suggested a possible small sectional, but we had other ideas. We selected a masculine color scheme of pale gold, with saddle and mink accents. Our client was open to leather, and we thought that was a great idea for the sofa, for durability and masculinity. He also loved classic, traditional furniture, and so we designed around that aesthetic. For his comfort, we recommended a mid-tone leather sofa, with two high leg, motorized recliners at each end. Now he could watch TV and snooze comfortably. For his guests, we recommended a small, single gold velvet wing chair in the bay window. The view is still visible around the single chair. A substantial end table on one side of the sofa provides needed storage. A light weight gold and glass table by the bay window chair aids the view. The fireplace bumpout, which houses the TV, was a great accent wall for subtle, textured wallpaper. A light tone on tone rug keeps the room light and airy, and provides a nice foundation for the twin mink colored velvet octagonal ottomans. To take advantage of the 10 foot ceilings and multitude of windows, we selected a pale gold and cream paisley fabric for simple window treatment panels and dark wood rods. Our client was so happy with the results, he immediately asked us to start working on the master bedroom and living room.