Luxurious Master Suite

Dream Room Winner 1st Place

3rd Place Winner

Location: Ellicott City, MD

Designer Credits: Lynne Lawson, Laura Outland

Project Overview:

This master bedroom was transformed into a luxurious suite with its chocolate velvet headboard accentuated with brass nailheads. A bold geo patterned wallpaper was used as a backdrop to add texture, and a pair of linen draperies hang above the bed to frame the focal point. A mix of linen and velvet bedding cover the king bed with a gold faux-silk damask bolster.Our client is a bachelor and successful business owner, and super easy to work with. He owns a large, beautiful villa home. The room architecture is wonderful, with a bay window and a full sitting room.

Luxurious Master Suite

Design Challenges

This master bedroom décor was beyond a disaster. Our client’s contractor had acted as the “designer” and had recommended the black accent wall and green side walls as backdrops to his outdated ornate bedroom furniture. He slept in the super enormous post bed while clothes hung on the metal canopy, and his “accents” included bottles of coins under the windows. The room was so uninspiring that our client didn’t care if it was flung with clothes, socks, and dog play toys. The single tiny lamp on the nightstand certainly didn’t give off any light. Access to the bedroom was a bit tricky, up a flight of stairs with a small corner landing.

Luxurious Solutions

The massive makeover of this room started with the inspiration of the king-size bed with a jaw dropping headboard of mink velvet and brass nailheads. The bed was a monster and had to be deconstructed and reconstructed to navigate the cramped stairway.

We selected a bold geo patterned wallpaper of gold, black, cream and mink for the accent wall. Our client had seen pictures of a coastal room that used sheer curtains around a bed and asked us to incorporate that design element. We chose gauzy linen fabric and masculine old gold ceiling mounted hardware for the curtains that flanked the bed, and the same elements for the bay window and the sitting room windows.

We used light gold linen for the king comforter, supported by caramel velvet shams and a huge single bright gold and cream damask bolster. New dark wood and brass chests replaced the ornated white nightstands and dresser. Towering brass twin nightstand lamps replaced the dinky, single blue one. In the sitting room, a new sleek but comfy chair in gold and cream, and an over-sized ottoman in the same mink velvet and brass as the bed, allow our client to watch TV in masculine luxury.